TCI Muscoda Mines

Tennessee Coal and Iron (TCI) operated mines all along Red Mountain from Birmingham to Bessemer, a distance of about 12 miles.  These properties were acquired and developed over years, and eventually were known by Indian names, Ishkooda, Wenona, and Muscoda.  Muscoda was the largest of these in terms of location and worker population.  Located on the northwest face of Red Mountain, above the City of Bessemer, there were 6 mines in the Muscoda group.


This view, taken in 1950, is looking south, from above Bessemer, with AL 150 running from the right to the top center.  Red Mountain runs from the left to the top center.  The mines are located on the "near" side of Red Mountain.  Additional housing and school facilities are located on the southeast side of the mountain.

Mine area detail


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